Men's Detachable Collar Instructions & Cleaning

  • Men’s Detachable Shirt Collar Tutorial & Cleaning

    We present this tutorial for adding a detachable collar to your favorite men’s shirt. This tutorial will show you how to change a modern day shirt to a neckband shirt which will accommodate any style of detachable collars.

    Detachable collars attach to a men’s shirt with two buttons or collars studs. One in center front and one placed at center back, top edge of the neckband.

    Starting with the shirt, the design you choose should be a shirt with a neckline constructed in two separate pieces, the neckband and the collar. The neckband helps hold up the collar around the neck. More casual shirts with just a fold down collar and no neckband, will not work with this tutorial.

  • Opening the shirt, using a seam ripper, carefully opening the seam which attaches the collar to the neckband, shown with the red line in photo.
    Once the collar is removed the top seam of the neckband can be restitched.

    Stitch button to center back along top edge of neckband. You are now ready to attach any style detachable collar to your shirt.

    Helpful Hints
    Before attaching buttons, slide through buttonholes of collar a few times to help relax the stiffness of the starched collar.
    For ease of buttoning through many layers, attach front and back buttons with elastic thread, shown below. Sewn loosely, this will give stretch to the button allowing easier attachment of the collar. This type thread is available at most fabric or craft stores.

  • Premier Designs Historic Clothing offers three styles of men’s detachable collars.
    Neck sizes available: 15” - 19 1/2”.

  • Collar Cleaning
    We suggest dry cleaning your collars. Most cleaners are able to starch the collar once it has been laundered.
    If you would like to clean your collar at home, we have found this method to work well.

    Hand wash collar is warm water and mild soap. Cotton collar will become soft and easy to clean.

    Remove excess water once collar is washed and rinsed.

    Place a small amount of full strength liquid starch in a small bowl. Either dip collar or hand apply liquid starch to entire collar.

    Set wet collar aside to begin drying. When slightly damp, iron to remove any wrinkles.

    Once ironed stand upright to reset neck curve and allow to dry completely. Will dry crisp and stiff.

We find Sta-Flo brand concentrated liquid starch works well for restarching our detachable collars.
Be sure to use full strength for best results. Sta-Flo is available in the laundry aisle most grocery stores.