How to Measure

How to Measure Assistance

Our Size Charts correspond to BODY MEASUREMENTS. Using a tape measure, follow the instructions of our Fit Guides for Women and Men. Please measure comfortably, but not snug. Please do not add or subtract from these measurements. We add fit, silhouette and ease when the garment is produced. Our size charts are based on our product development, we do not use retail store sizing. Every manufacturer develops their own sizing rules. Our garments are generously cut to achieve correct silhouette and ease of wear.

We do ask that you take measurements for items requesting exact measurement, we understand this is quite an unusual request in this age of mass manufacturing, but we produce custom items to your exact measurements. Guessing your measurements will only cause more delay and cost. Should you need to send an item back for exchange due to an item ordered with an incorrect measurement, we will ask you ship the item back to us. Return shipping will be at the customers expense. We will need to reproduce the item, and depending on the number of orders pending, it may be difficult for us to meet your deadline. We can't stress enough, please take measurements before purchasing many of our items that request an actual measurement.


BUST: Measure the fullest part of your bust.

WAIST: Measure around your natural waistline.

HIPS: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, eight inches below your waist.

FINISHED SKIRT LENGTH: Measure from center front of waist to where you would like the skirt to finish.Brushing the top or your shoes. We produce the following lengths for custom cut skirts: Average finished skirt lengths-42", Petite-40", Tall-44".

LADIES BLOUSES: Order using bust measurement. Our ladies blouses are generously cut, should you fall into the lower measurement of any size, with average or small shoulders, we suggest ordering the next smaller size.

If you are concerned about waist and hip measurements for a smaller size, simply provide us with these measurements, and we will check the design before production. Many times, for no additional charge, we can alter these areas if needed. For example, your bust measurement is 39 1/2, we would suggest a Medium rather than a Large. A Large size would be designed to fit up to a 44" bust, and inches of fitting ease is then added to the blouse to achieve the correct silhouette, so a Large would be too big for this measurement. 

Please include measurements and any additional information in the comments section of our order process form, and we can assist you with a good fit.

MEASURING FOR WOMEN'S SKIRTS: All custom cut women's skirts are produced to the exact waist measurement provided to us when you place your order. We manufacture all our skirts in the range of Waist Sizes: 22" to 49". Additional special measurements available upon request if possible depending on skirt design. For example: 32" is the waist measurement you measured, measuring around your natural waistline. We would produce the skirt waistband to this measurement. 

Average finished skirt lengths-42", Petite-40", Tall-44".


TEA GOWNS: Order using bust, waist, and finished length measurement. Should you find your hip measurements varies widely from our size charts, please include this measurement and any additional information in the comments section of our order process form, and we can assist you with a good fit.

LADIES SWIMWEAR: Order using bust measurement. In addition, waist measurement is needed for production of matching skirt or drawers/pantaloons.


WAIST: Measure around your natural waistline. Please take current measurement, plus twos are produced to exact waist measurement, and are similarly constructed in fit to men's dress pants. Using waist measurement from blue jeans, and other manufacturers trousers will not correspond to our designs.
Below photos are an example of a trouser from popular manufacturer, a comparison of the size tag on the trousers, and the actual size of the waistline. Tag: waist size-36". Actual waist size-38".

OUTSEAM PLUS TWOS. Measure from side waistline, standing erect, to below kneecap. We add ease, fit, and silhouette.


Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows. If you don't know your hat size, please include measurement in inches and any additional information in the comments section of our order form, and we can assist you with a good fit.